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Beaches of Santa Marta

Santa Marta, Playa Blanca, beach view

Beaches of Santa Marta

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Santa Marta is synonymous with “sun, ocean and beaches”. This isn`t for nothing, either: Santa Marta has about 100 beaches, many of which are counted among the most beautiful beaches of Colombia, and some have even been described as among the most beautiful beaches of South America.


Now, I`m going to tell you which are the best beaches of Santa Marta:



Bahía Concha (Shell Beach)

Gorgeous beach with clear waters that are a little fresher and cooler than the other beaches. In Bahía Concha you can snorkel to see the range of beautiful coloured fish that call this bay home. There are lots of ways to get to this beach: first bus and then car, taxi, motorcycle, or even on a motorboat from El Rodadero (Precipice Beach). If you`re looking to save a little money while you travel, the best option is almost always to take the bus. In this case, you can take the bus from the historic center of the city on Avenue 5 until the neighbourhood Bastidas for less than 1 USD. You arrive at Chimila and there you can take a bus towards Bahía Concha for about 1.5 USD. Entry to the beach costs an additional 3.5 USD, approximately.


Santa Marta, Bahía Concha, beach view

Santa Marta Beaches – Bahía Concha: you can snorkel to see the range of beautiful coloured fish that call this bay home.


Playa Grande (Big Beach)

To go to Playa Grande, you should first go to Taganga and take a boat from there that will cost you 3.50 USD for a return trip. It is a beautiful beach with various kiosks, cabins and hotels where you can enjoy a delicious meal of seafood, try one of the tasty “coco locos” (crazy coconut!), or a refreshing coconut lemonade. You can also get here by walking on nature trails.


Santa Marta, Playa Grande full view shot with drone

Santa Marta Beaches – Playa Grande: a beautiful beach with various kiosks, cabins and hotels.


Playa Bello Horizonte (Beautiful Horizon Beach)

This beach stretches three kilometers and is located in the most exclusive area of Santa Marta, surrounded by the best hotels and restaurants of the city. Of course, this is another gorgeous beach with clear water that is perfect for a refreshing dip.


Playa El Rodadero (Cliff Beach)

This beach is 10 minutes from the city, near to the bay of Gaira. It’s called “Cliff Beach” because of the natural cliff that is formed by the sand that slides against a rocky crag. This is a popular and much-visited beach, with access to various restaurants, hotels, bars and clubs.


Santa Marta, Rodadero, shot with drone

Santa Marta Beaches – Playa El Rodadero: the name “Cliff Beach” comes from the natural cliff that is formed by the sand that slides against a rocky crag..


Playa Salguero

The Playa Salguero is close to the Playa El Rodadero but it is much less busy with tourists. It’s tranquil, clean and safe to swim thanks to its calm waters. This is a perfect spot to watch unforgettable sunsets.


Playa Blanca (White Beach)

From Playa El Rodadero, you can take a boat that will bring you to Playa Blanca in about 20 minutes. This is yet another beach with tranquil, clear water, that is perfect for relaxing and enjoying the sand and sun of the coast. In addition, you can stay overnight at Playa Blanca as there is accommodation, and you can also find various restaurants.


Santa Marta, Playa Blanca view from the sea

Santa Marta Beaches – Playa Blanca: You can enjoy a delicious seafood meal or try one of the tasty “coco locos”.


Beaches of Tayrona Park:

As I mentioned before, Tayrona Park has some of the most spectacular beaches that you can see in Santa Marta. Among the best beaches are the following:


Playa Cristal (Glass Beach)

Known before as the Beach of the Dead, Playa Cristal suits its new name very well. This beach is made of white sand and crystal-clear waters with stunningly beautiful coral reefs that you may just fall in love with. You can snorkel or scuba dive here! To get to Playa Cristal, you’ll need to take a boat from Taganga which will take about 30 minutes, or from Neguanje Bay which takes around 15 minutes for around 35 USD.


San Juan de Guía Cape

This is a spectacular beach with an amazing view that is worth seeing. After the 3-hour hike in the jungle during which time you will pass 3 beaches that aren’t well suited to swimming, you will arrive at this paradise of clear waters and white sand. Tents and hammocks are available to rent at this beach so that you can stay the night for about 15 USD.


Santa Marta, Parque Tayrona, Cabo san Juan view if the beach

Santa Marta Beaches – San Juan Cape: This is a spectacular beach with impressive views that are really worth the visit.


Playa La Piscina (Swimming Pool Beach)

This beach is called “The Pool” because of its pool shape. This beach is very safe for swimming because of a barrier of coral that stops the strong waves of the ocean. This beach is really close to the San Juan Cape described above. This is truly one of the beaches you should not miss if you come to visit Tayrona Park.


Boca de Saco

And we finish with this gorgeous beach of Tayrona Park, since it is the beach I had mentioned to you before as the nudist beach of Tayrona. It’s true: lots of people come to this beach to sunbathe as God brought them into this world! The beach is beautiful, with enormous waves that make it less safe to swim here. If you dare to lose the swimming suit and walk nude on the beach, this is the place for you!

My special recommendation for you when you visit these beaches of Santa Marta is that you always bring snorkeling gear with you so that you never miss out on a chance to see the hidden underwater beauty that these beaches possess.

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