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Things to do in Villa de Leyva

Villa de Leyva vista de la calle 13 con la montaña

Things to do in Villa de Leyva

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If you need just on reason to visit Villa de Leyva, then consider the fact that it is considered by many to be among the three most picturesque towns in all of Colombia. This is why the majority of the tourists that visit Bogotá also are drawn to the many things to do in Villa de Leyva.
Although not officially part of Bogotá, the proximity makes it quite easy to visit this stunningly beautiful town of cobbled streets, Colonial-style buildings, classic views, friendly people and other features that charm visitors.
Despite the small size of Villa de Leyva, there’s an almost unlimited list of things you can enjoy here during your stay.

Villa de Leya panoramic view, shot with drone

Villa de Leyva offers a long list of attractive things to do and see


Things to do in Villa de Leyva



Main Plaza of Villa de Leyva

Measuring 14,000 square meters, the Main Plaza of Villa de Leyva, is one of the largest plazas in all of South America, and is the largest in Colombia. This is the spot where cultural and food-related activities take place. Surrounding this plaza are green mountains, making this a lovely place to take a seat and contemplate the scenery.

Main Plaza in Villa de Leyva, taken with drone

The Main Plaza is one of the largest in all of South America



In the same Main Plaza of Villa de Leyva, there is an assortment of restaurants that offer regional dishes. Among the most famous that you should try, I especially recommend the following:

Fritanga – Meat Fry-Up

This is a huge platter for several people to share, loaded with pork, longaniza (spicy pork sausages), blood sausage, Boyacense arepas, potatoes, and other meats. The exact blend of these ingredients depends on the restaurant.

Boyacense Stew

This dish consists of various kinds of pork, Andean tubers (think potatoes, yucca, etc.) in an exquisite soup. This comes with rice.

Bride’s Kisses

These are a typical sweet treat that can be found in Villa de Leyva made from corn starch, sugar and eggs.

La Galleta Bakery

This bakery is the most well-known bakery in Villa de Leyva, and for good reason, since all of the sweets and deserts that you can find there are crazy delicious. It’s located just a few steps from the Main Plaza!

Weekly market in Villa de Leyva

Weekly market: eat typical, regional dishes in the Market Square.


Things to do near Villa de Leyva

Even if this town is fairly small, the area around the town is big enough to offer many other interesting things to do. Here is a list of my favourites:

Villa de Leyva Casa Terracota

Only 10 minutes away from the Main Plaza of the village, you can appreciate a true work of art built of clay: the Casa Terracota. This house measures 500 square meters in area and stands 5 stories tall. To construct this casa, 1000 tons of earth and 20 years of work were required. Visiting this spectacular house is a marvel that you cannot miss!
Entrance to the house costs about 3.50 USD for adults and 1.80 USD for children up to 12 years old.

Casa Terracota, view from above taken with drone

The Casa Terracota – a true work of art constructed with clay


Gondava Villa de Leyva

There is plenty more to do in the town, and one of the other preferred destinations for tousists is this theme park where extinct animals are reproduced with life-size replicas. The park can be found 7 kilometres from Villa de Leyva and entry to the park costs about 5.50 USD.

Blue Wells Hot springs

2.9 kilometres from the town, you can find the Blue Wells Hot springs. The turquoise colour of the pools will be sure to impress you and spending some time here at night to relax in the soothing pools after a day of traveling and sightseeing is truly lovely. Entry costs only about 3.50 USD.

Museum of the Fossil

This museum is about 4 kilometres from the town on Monquirá Way. There is a breath-taking fossil of a Pliosaurus there that is the most complete fossil of this dinosaur ever found. You can also see more than 500 pieces of paleontological materials of the region. Entry to the museum costs about 3.00 USD.

Fossil in the Museum of the Fossil of Villa de Leyva

The Museum of the Fossil boasts the most complete fossil of the Pliosaurus ever found

As you can see, there is plenty to discover close to the town (to find the location of each of these attractions, please see our map), and what’s more, at affordable prices.


How to get to Villa de Leyva from Bogotá?

To get to Villa de Leyva from Bogotá, the simplest way is to get yourself to one of the two bus terminals of Bogotá – either El Salitre or Norte. From there, you can take a bus directly to Villa de Leyva for only 9.00 USD, approximately, and in 3 hours you will be enjoying this spectacular town! Don’t forget to read our other article Tourism in Villa de Leyva to see even more recommendations.

Where to stay in Villa de Leyva


Glamping Bosque de Piedra

Located only 15 minutes from Villa de Leyva, and really close to the other touristic attractions that I described to you above, is the Glamping Bosque de Piedra. This spot offers some awesome tents that are completely equipped, have double beds, private bathrooms, BBQ areas, etc. No doubt that this place will be a memorable and enjoyable experience for you.
With so many things to do, I’m confident that Villa de Leyva would be an excellent tourist destination that you shouldn’t miss for the world!


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