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Do you want to know, which are the most beautiful places in Colombia for your next trip?

Let me tell you that you are in the right place. After many trips, exploration and research in search of the most beautiful places in Colombia, we have created for you this space where you can find from most touristic places in Colombia, to beautiful paradises and other remote places with few tourists. Best of all, you can segment your search according to your specific place of interest, city or region. That said, if for example you are in Bogotá, and you are looking for a nearby colonial town full of beautiful landscapes, adventure and beauty, you will surely find Villa de Leyva first. This village is the most visited tourist town in the vicinity of Bogotá, but guess what?
You will also find hidden treasures that almost no one knows, such as Cucunubá. This is a little village closer to Bogotá than Villa de Leyva itself. This place has a beauty in the same colonial style, atmosphere, artisanal and gastronomic wealth without equal. With those insights it’s easy to plan your next trip.

Lets say you are in Santa Marta and you want to find the most beautiful places to visit close by. But you also want to bathe in a river or relax on a beautiful beach, thus you:

1. Simply click on the selector City and select Santa Marta .
2. Select Relax by clicking on the selector Activity Profile .
3. To see all the results, which match your choices,you simply click on the blue Filter button.
You can repeat this step as often as you like. Thus you find both outdoor and indoor activities, museums,beaches and many more activities.
Once you have the filtered results, you can:
1. View the sites on our map by clicking on the respective map icon in the blue triangle on the picture of the site below the map.
2. Or you can read all information about on specific tourist attraction. To do so you just need to click on the image or the headline of the place of interest itself. A new page opens and there you can read everything, from how to get to that destination (with the different transport alternatives) or how much the entrance costs. You will also find information about the time you should plan to visit the recommended destination, a general description of the place and some link to learn more about the part of the country.
Super! No? We wish you lots of fun while planning your trip.

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Buses arrive and depart from this bus terminal, connecting Ville de Leyva to Bogotá and other close destinations like Tunja.

The rooms here have a beautiful view of the green mountains that surround the town.

Colonial-style hotel in the center of the town.

It is here that cultural, culinary, and scholastic events take place.

There are numerous restaurants that offer typical foods of the region.

You can't miss visiting this marvelous tourist destination.

Life-size replicas of extinct animals are shown here.

The turquoise colour of these swimming holes will leave you in wonder. You can enjoy these swimming holes at night to relax after a day of exploring.

This museum has a Pliosaurus fossil on display that is the most complete that has been found to this day.

Do you think there is a missing place on our list?

Would you like to contribute a beautiful place in Colombia that you know and that is not here? So don’t stay calm and please send us a photo of yourself with the description of that place that you like so much and think we should include here. Our goal is to continue growing and enriching this space full of adventure and passion for exploring the most beautiful places in Colombia.