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Tourism in Providencia

Providencia: Tourism in Colombia

The island of Providencia is a little island belonging to Colombia in the department of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina, where you some of incredible beaches.
Something wonderful about this island is the verdant vegetation and the turquoise sea, which is reason enough to visit this beautiful island of the Colombian Caribbean.
When you arrive in Providencia, you may notice the mix of African and English cultures in the culture of the island’s inhabitants, which is a legacy of its original colonists and slaves. Their Rastafari lifestyle is evident, thanks to the strong influence of Haiti and Jamaica.

Crab Key, sunbathing woman

Providencia tourism: a paradise to relax

Providencia is not only privileged with tropical waters and vegetation, but also with a unique local language. Although the official language of Providencia is Spanish, the majority of the island’s inhabitants are trilingual and can speak English, Spanish, and a Creole that is purely oral and is not typically written.
The locals of San Andrés are constantly fighting for a new political identity – they want to be independent from Colombia. The islanders believe that their economy would benefit from this shift, and their position was bolstered when the International Court of Justice decreed in 2012 that Colombia must cede between 70,000 and 90,000 square kilometers of ocean to Nicaragua.
Providencia Island, Crab Key

Tourism in Providencia : the vibrant greens and blues of this islands vegetation and waters are captivating.


Providencia’s Climate

The temperature of this island varies throughout the year between 20 and 35° Celsius. Between July and October we have the hottest months, with maximum temperatures around 35°C and minimum temperatures around 26 °C. Regardless, Providencia is hot year round, so always bring clothing that is suitable for hot climates.

How to travel to Providencia?


To go to the paradisaical Providencia Island, you have two options:

In a catamaran

This boat takes about 4 hours to take you from San Andrés to Providencia. It has a maximum capacity of 60 people and it leaves in the mornings of Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and it costs approximately 80 USD each way. If you hire the same company to go to and from Providencia, you may be able to shave some dollars off of this price.
There is something you should know about this catamaran trip. The majority of people who choose to take this mode of transportation to Providencia wind up getting sea-sick… because of this, when you get on the boat you will be offered an anti-nausea pill and a plastic bag (in case the pill doesn’t work!). This depends a lot on the weather and waves when you are sailing – best that you know!
On our tour map you can see the trip that one takes by sea to arrive at Providencia Island from San Andrés.

By Plane

You can also fly to Providencia by purchasing a ticket from Satena for the price of approximately 190 USD, though this price will vary depending on the season. This is definitely the simplest and fastest way to get to Providencia, as it takes only 20 minutes, after which you will be enjoying all of the touristic places that this beautiful island has to offer.

Santa Catalina Island

This small, enchanting isalnd is well known for its rich history of legendary pirate battles. To get to Santa Catalina, all you have to do is walk across the 150-meter wooden bridge from Providencia. This colourful bridge is called Lovers Bridge because of a myth that says that couples that walk across the bridge together will remain in love for life. To see more about Santa Catalina Island, visit our article entitled “What to do in Providencia”.

Santa Catalina Lovers Bridge, photo with drone

To get to Santa Catalina, all you have to do is walk across the 150-meter wooden bridge from Providencia


Where to stay on Providencia Island?

Our recommendation is the Posada Miss Portia. This is a clean, perfectly located establishment with friendly hosts, that is roughly 4 minutes away from the most beautiful beaches of Providencia, such as South West Bay Beach. Rooms in this inn cost around 37 USD with a single bed, and 55 USD for a double bed, though the prices vary depending on the season.
Posada Miss Mary: This inn has been described as elegant and picturesque. It has a spectacular view of the ocean and of the sunsets of Providencia, as well as a restaurant that many tourists have raved about. What’s more, this inn is located in a slightly quieter part of town and costs a little less than the other inn we mentioned.
Do you feel inspired to come and visit this paradise?