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Magical travel destinations

Here you find an overview of beautiful destinations, which we present at WorldMoments. We believe that one usually not only likes to visit the most beautiful sights and nature at the destination itself. Therefore we add also stunning places, which could be found near the destination. Have a close look at the destination overview page and discover what things could be done close by.


We are continuously adding new destinations to WorldMoments. Since we just started, we present you here also future locations, which we are currently adding to the website. You can expect that we make those places available during the next weeks.

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Even if we presently focus on Colombia we won’t stop here. Our plans include to add magical travel destinations around the whole world. Therefore we are looking for passionate people, which like to help us achieving this dream. Please contact us, if you share our passion.


In the meantime also visit our social channels, to watch more videos and fotos from destinations around the world. Thanks for being part of WorldMoments.