Blue Mountain

Discover Blue Mountain, Colombia

  • Cerro Azul indigentes painting
  • San Jose del Guaviare Cerro Azul indigenous paintings
  • Pictogramas cerro Azul in San Jose del Guaviare
  • Cerro Azul mountain shot with drone
  • Cerro Azu mountain landscape
  • Cerro Azul view from the top shot with drone
  • Cerro Azul landscape view

Country & Region

Colombia ∕ Amazonía

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Time you should plan to discover the place

Outdoor: 1/2 day (without travel time)

How to get to Blue Mountain?

If you aren't traveling here with a tour, you will need to hire a car or jeep for a trip of 2 hours, which will cost at least 80 USD. Once at Blue Mountain, you will also need to pay the entrance cost and pay to hire a local guide, otherwise you won't be able to enter.

About Blue Mountain

You will find more than three areas with pictograms that are more than 1000 years old, though some of these have become deteriorated because of some visitors who, not recognizing the value of these pictograms, either light campfires or touch the pictograms. Even still, the view from above is breath-taking.