Rosario Islands

Discover Rosario Islands, Colombia

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Country & Region

Colombia ∕ Caribe

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Entrance fee


Time you should plan to discover the place

Outdoor: 1 day (without travel time)

How to get to Rosario Islands?

You can either buy a package tour or buy passage from the Bodeguita docks.

About Rosario Islands

This is one of the most popular locations to visit for ocean-loving travelers. You can spend the day just relaxing or taking advantage of some of the activities that are offered as excursions on the islands, such as kayaking adventures and snorkeling. It is worth noting that the day-trips can be a little stressful because of the sheer number of tourists that visit each site, so waht you are seeking is more of a relaxing time, we recommend that you reserve a night on Isla Grande or another island.