Morgan’s Head

Discover Morgan’s Head, Colombia

  • cabeza de morgan vista desde el mar dron
  • cabeza de morgan vista desde el mar dron

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Colombia ∕ Caribe

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Outdoor: 1/2 day (without travel time)

How to get to Morgan’s Head?

When you cross the cross of Providencia to get to Santa Catalina, you will find yourself at the head of two paths. To get to Morgan's Head, you must take the left path. The hike takes you over some cement steps and lasts about 25 minutes.

About Morgan’s Head

After a 25-minute walk, you will find yourself in front of Morgan’s Head (or, Cabeza de Morgan in Spanish). What a gorgeous view, here! We recommend that you wear close-toed shoes, bug-repellent, sunscreen and a hat – it is hot here!