Santa Catalina de Alejandría Cathedral

Discover Santa Catalina de Alejandría Cathedral, Colombia

cartagena catedral de santa catalina

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Colombia ∕ Caribe

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Calle de los Santos de Piedra, Cra. 4

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Indoor: 1/4 day (without travel time)

How to get to Santa Catalina de Alejandría Cathedral?

Located in the historic centre, ten minutes from the clocktower.

About Santa Catalina de Alejandría Cathedral

The construction of this cathedral was begun in 1575, but in 1586, when only the tower had not been finished, the pirate Francis Drake partially destroyed it. Construction on the building resumed between 1598 and 1612 with the addition of various things like the Florentine-style dome and marble in the principal facade. In the interior, oen can see and admire the architecture of the marble walls and wooden buildings.