Isla Grande

Discover Isla Grande, Colombia


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Colombia ∕ Caribe

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Outdoor: 1 day (without travel time)

How to get to Isla Grande?

From the highway, you can take a bus to Pasacaballo, and there you can hire private transport to Playa Blanca or to the town of Barú. From there, take a boat to Isla Grande. You can also take a boat from Cartagena, the price of which varies depending on if the trip is direct or if there are stop-offs, and in less than an hour you will arrive.

About Isla Grande

The beaches are of white sand, there is a fantastic coral formation, and the waters of the sea reflect various blues and greens. The island measures around 200 hectares, and is home to the three characteristic ecosystems of islands: coastal and interior lagoons, mangroves and dry tropical forests.