Playa De Bocagrande

Discover Playa De Bocagrande, Colombia


Country & Region

Colombia ∕ Caribe

Activity profile

Fun, Relax, Sport

Entrance fee


Time you should plan to discover the place

Outdoor: 1/2 day (without travel time)

How to get to Playa De Bocagrande?

From the historic centre, a 40 minute walk, 20 minute cycle, or 15 minute bus ride.

About Playa De Bocagrande

This beach is really popular thanks to how close it is to various hotels, shopping malls, restaurants and other touristic spots in the city. Between December and February, the strong waves allow the practicing of water sports. The water of this beach is comfortably warm and, though it may not be crystal-clear thanks to the colour of the sand, there is a variety of pleasurable things that you can do here: listen to Vallenato music, drink a cocktail, relax in the sun or enjoy a back massage.