Tranquilandia and Caño Sabana

Discover Tranquilandia and Caño Sabana, Colombia

  • Tranquilandia and Caño Sabana, view from the top shot with drone
  • San Jose del Guaviare caño sabana known as tranquilandia
  • San Jose del Guaviare tranquilandia know as caño sabana
  • San Jose del Guaviare Tranquilandia river of colors
  • San Jose del Guaviare Tranquilandia
  • San Jose del Guaviare Tranquilandia river of colors

Country & Region

Colombia ∕ Amazonía

Activity profile


Entrance fee

1-5 $

Time you should plan to discover the place

Outdoor: 1 day (without travel time)

How to get to Tranquilandia and Caño Sabana?

From the center of San José del Guaviare, it takes about 20 minutes to get here; many agencies are available for transportation and guiding services to tell you alll the interesting things about the place. You can also come by yourself in a taxi if you prefer.

About Tranquilandia and Caño Sabana

The pink colour that imbues this river with its special beauty is caused by an endemic plant of the region called the Macarenia clavigera. This marvelous plant, exclusive to Colombia, grwos between June and December, meaning that this is the best time to come visit.