Aguas Calientes

Discover Aguas Calientes, Perú

  • Machu Pichu town view from the bridge
  • Aguas Calientes Machu Pichu town view from the top

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Perú ∕ Andes

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Outdoor: 1/4 day (without travel time)

How to get to Aguas Calientes?

You can get here by train from Cusco or from Hidroeléctrica. On the other hand, you can walk from Hidroeléctrica on foot to Aguas Calientes, a trip of about 11 kilometres.

About Aguas Calientes

This is a little, touristy town where you can spend a night or more as a base from which to visit the famous archaeological site. Its name comes from the hotsprings that can be found in the town. They also have a butterfly house and a museum of the Site of Machu Picchu that shows archaeological finds from the Incan city.