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Best country to learn Spanish

Best country to learn Spanish

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Our top countries for the best country to learn Spanish award

So, you want to learn español and are wondering which is the best country to learn Spanish? After all, there are so many reasons to learn Spanish these days: Latin American and Spanish culture is booming, from Reggaeton music to popular shows like Money Heist (or, Casa de papel); traveling in Latin America has become exceptionally popular with young, adventurous travellers keen to explore the rich history, cultures and natural spaces of Latin America; or perhaps you have caught the dancing bug and you want to dive deeper into Latin American dances like salsa, merengue, or bachata.


We share some of the reasons we personally consider Latin America to be the best place to learn Spanish in our article “Learn Spanish in Latin America.” But hold on – Latin America is a big place! Which is the best Latin American country to learn Spanish? From amongst all the wonderful options, we would like to highlight two: learn Spanish in Perú and learn Spanish in Colombia.

Learn Spanish in Perú

Perú is world-famous for its fascinating historical sites and its world-class cuisine. These sites include Machu Picchu, which is an exceptionally famous and popular ruin site at very high altitudes that enthralls hikers from all over the world.

Machu Pichu at sunrise

Machu Pichu: The most visited site of Peru

Perú also is home to the Nazca lines, which are ancient “geoglyphs” hundreds of meters in diameter that depict animals and human figures made by the Nazca people that can only be properly viewed and appreciated from high above. The cuisine of Perú is diverse, drawing on the flavours of the Indigenous people, as well as immigrants from Spain, Germany, Italy, Japan and China. Such a rich blend of cuisines has produced a truly stunning array of dishes, and many people rave about the gastronomy of Perú!


Beyond these relatively well-known aspects of Perú, we want to highlight how affordable Spanish classes can be in this country. What’s more, there is not a particularly high level of English spoken in Perú, which is actually a great boon to learn Spanish in Perú – after all, immersion is the best way to make quick progress! Another important point is that the Spanish spoken in Perú is remarkably clear and easy to understand – this will not only help you to learn the language, but also means that the Spanish you learn will be understood by other Spanish speakers with ease!

Learn Spanish in Colombia

How about Colombia, you ask? Although Colombia’s international image has been frozen since the 1980’s, in large part thanks to television, I come bearing great news: Colombian people have done a lot to change their country for the better, and the results are incredible. I can speak from experience when I tell you that Colombian people are some of the most welcoming and generous people I have ever met – for that reason, Colombia may be the best Latin American country to learn Spanish!

Colombia: Our favourite country to learn Spanish


Let me highlight a few of my favourite things about this Latin American gem (apart from the people, who I have already mentioned):

  • This country is rich in fresh fruit, (I’ve been told they have a different fruit for each day of the year!) vegetables and other ingredients, meaning that this is some of the tastiest, healthiest food I have ever eaten
  • Its rich cultural heritage of Indigenous, European and African roots means it is fertile soil for a variety of dances, accents, and cuisines – diversity is the name of the game in Colombia!
  • It is also geographically diverse, so Colombia is home to a wide range of climates and ecosystems, from sweltering Caribbean coasts and its beaches to fresh, high-altitude páramos in the Andes mountains.

Like Perú, the Spanish spoken in Colombia is very clear and easy to understand (especially in Bogotá) and the cost of living is remarkably low, making it very affordable to learn Spanish in Colombia. You may find that your “two weeks to study a bit of Spanish” stretches into months, like it did for me!


Want to brush up on your Spanish before you head down south to South America? Come check out our online school for learning Spanish!

Happy travels!

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