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Learn Spanish in latin america

Learn Spanish in latin america

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When you consider where you could learn Spanish, you may think of studying online or traveling to a Spanish-speaking country to really immerse yourself. There are so many Spanish-speaking countries, so which should you pick to start your language adventure? We think that there are plenty of advantages to learn Spanish in latin america. Let’s break them down!


Learning Spanish and traveling in latin america is affordable

First, the lower cost. Let’s be real – if you want to experience the culture and have an unforgettable experience while you learn Spanish, you probably want to travel and learn for more than a week or two. That’s why the low the cost of living and traveling makes learning Spanish in Latin America so doable.

bogota monserrate view from drone

Bogota Monserrate: The view of the city, where I studied 5 months spanish.

I personally know plenty of folks who chose to study Spanish for a couple of weeks in Bogotá, Colombia, before moving on to other popular Colombian cities like Medellin or Cartagena to study for a couple more weeks. I chose to stay in Bogotá for five months of language and dance classes (Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Cumbia and more!), and it was one of the best experiences of my life!


There are so many countries to experience!

In addition to affordable prices, Latin America is home to at least 20 countries, each with its own food, accents, history, biodiversity and so on. So, if you choose to learn Spanish in Latin America, you can quite easily experience a handful of countries at least without having to pay for several expensive plane tickets. The cultural diversity among these countries is captivating: Aboriginal, African and Iberian influences blend together to make for unique music, dances and cuisine. Each of these countries is full of breathtaking scenery and heart-warming people, but some countries have their own special reputation.


If you are looking for a more European feel, head down to Argentina or Uruguay and fall in love with the architecture. Many Argentinians can trace their families’ roots back to Italy, and some would say that their names and Spanish dialect even sound Italian. If you want to go to a rumba (a crazy dance party) or enjoy a delicious coffee while chatting with some of the nicest people I’ve met on Earth, you should head to Colombia! Bolivia is a bit of a hidden gem, with its strong Indigenous influence and truly unique landscapes, such as the Uyuni salt flats. Peruvian culture is famous for its cuisine, which boasts a blend of Chinese, Japanese and Latin dishes.


Our favourite choices to learn spanish

With so many choices, we want to help you make this big decision. That’s why we have written a post about the several advantages that Colombia and Peru offer that we think are important for learning Spanish in Latin America. Check out our article entitled “Best country to learn Spanish” to learn more!


Spanish is a very popular and useful language that is spoken by communities around the world. We think that choosing to study Spanish in Latin America is a great idea for many reasons, the chief among them being its affordability and the huge range of countries to choose from. Want to brush up a little before you arrive?

Start learning Spanish now on our online platform!

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