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Jeremy's travel story

Jeremy from Connect to Colombia

Travel stories: Jeremy from Connect to Colombia

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We come back today with out travel stories column, to tell you the story of Jeremy, who felt in love with Medellín and started a great project called Connect Colombia.
Let’s get to know Jeremy and his story!

Travel stories of Jeremy from Connect to Colombia

Travel stories – Jeremy from Connect to Colombia

Who is Jeremy, how and why did you arrive to Colombia?

I like to say on my LinkedIn page that Jeremy is the guy who makes things happen. If you need it done and done right… I’m usually the first person people reach out to.
In addition to that I’m just a guy who enjoys experiencing life and helping others to do the same.

Which one is your favourite place in Colombia and why?

I think Medellín, hands down. There are so many reasons it stands out as my favorite; the first time I came here in 2013 I knew I was home. It was just a matter of figuring out how to make that dream a reality.

Which one was your best experience in Colombia?

I remember it vividly. The first time I walked up Calle 10 in 2013 and seeing the life happening. What made that moment more special was that I had an incredible dinner with drinks that I still talk about to this day.

What is your favourite word and expression in Spanish?

Chimba. In certain circles in Medellin todo is chimba. Lol

What’s the best way to learn Spanish? And how did you learn to speak Spanish?

Immersion. Surround yourself with the people and environment and you’ll get better. Truth is when I lived in Sabaneta I was speaking more Spanish. In Poblado, with all the Western Comforts I’ve been slacking. ??‍♂️ Need some of this immersion? Start learning spanish with us now.

What is Connect Colombia and how was it born?

Connect is a lifestyle. I connect people with people and resources. I also produce and promote opportunities to help people enhance their experiences internationally. We also showcase talent in the areas we’re present in including certain key aspects of lifestyle like Fashion, Arts and Music, Food Travel.Connect to Colombia is the third iteration in my the achievement of my life’s purpose to help.
In NYC it was Flawless.Fab and I had a magazine. In Barbados… Barbados Connect, e we did art and Fashion shows and here we have Connect to Colombia.

What’s your biggest dream?

My biggest dream is to have Connect to Colombia be the first point of contact for everything Colombia when people need to enhance their Colombian Experience.

What’s your secret, favourite place in the world?

Oh that’s an easy one, we just launched an experience on Airbnb. It’s in Medellin. Book a tour and I’ll take you there myself.


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